Tuesday, 20 March 2012

4 Obscure Bikes I'd Love to Own

Bikes have evolved considerably since their invention, and we can only sit and wait to see if there will be any considerable changes to their design in the future.

I started having a look back at some old and obscure bikes today and came across a few that, if nothing else, look immensely fun to ride.

So here we have it, a few old and/or obscure bikes that I wish I owned

The Penny Farthing 

Before the invention of gears the only way to get some decent speed was to have a HUGE front wheel. Definitely not for the faint hearted, the penny farthing is a bike that I'd love to be able to causally ride down the street or to work.

penny farthing

The Kangaroo

The kangaroo looks a lot like a child's version of the penny farthing but it is in fact a huge improvement.   As this riding position is much closer to the ground its safer, however speed isn't compromised thanks to the single gear on the front wheel.

The Boneshaker 

Not sure if this is the correct name, but the boneshaker (although obviously not the most comfortable bike to ride) looks like it would be really fun to have a go on.

The bonshaker got its name thanks to its stiff metal frame and wooden wheels which were lined with iron...yikes!

The bike was invented around 1860 by the French but was quickly surpassed by the penny farthing in 1869 which offered a much more comfortable ride.

The Unicycle

When I was a lot younger I got really close to being able to ride a unicycle but then never pursued it. Massive regret now! I think the unicycle is a great mode of transport.

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