Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fastest ever bike change?

This video seems to be going viral this week, so we thought we'd also share it here on the blog. Is this one of the fastest change-overs you've seen?

You may have to rewind and watch it a few times before you see it!


Wales set to launch its own national cycling team

Wales have confirmed that they will set up their own cycling team of the back of the success of Great Britain's cycling team in this year's Olympic Games.

Welsh Cycling is to set up Team SWI WC on 3 October at Wales International Velodrome, Newport. 
The move comes on the back of unprecedented success of Great Britain's cyclists in the velodrome at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Admiral reveals the most irritating road users

Apparently 36 per cent of people find cyclists the most irritating road users. 
At least we weren't top of the list eh?

Admiral has revealed Britain’s most irritating road users in a new poll, and it’s the older generation that winds up British motorists the most. 
The car insurance experts asked more than 3,000 people to tell them which road users they find most irritating as part of its annual Admiral Survey of Motorists with YouGov.  
It found that elderly motorists top the list, with four out of ten (41%) respondents saying they get them hot under the collar. Next was taxi drivers (37%), followed by cyclists (36%) and van drivers (34%).

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Potential cyclists ‘too scared’ to ride, says Transport Minister

Potential cyclists are too scared to ride on the roads, holding back the uptake of cycling in Britain, the Transport Minister admitted in an interview with The Times.

Norman Baker, the minister responsible for cycling, added that bike riding had traditionally been the “Cinderella” part of transport policy, overlooked in favour of other modes of transport.

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Monday, 24 September 2012

A few tips for safer winter cycling

Have you noticed the sudden change in weather? It feels like mother nature has by-passed autumn this year and hopped straight to winter!

Winter can cause he average cyclist a lot of trouble, so I thought I'd share some tips to help you keep up-to-date with your safety!

Make yourself visible

Ok everyone knows is not 'cool' to wear anything hi-vis when you are on your bike, but Winter is much darker than Summer and your visibility needs to be boosted. Have a look online to find clothing that offers you better visibility.

Avoid puddles and standing water where possible

Not only will Winter try and catch you out with its dark nights, it will also throw much more rain water at you than Summer (Huh, that might be arguable this year actually...!) so make sure you avoid standing water where possible.

Not only can it be dangerous if it gets inside your tyres, it can also affect your breaks and grip. Puddles can also cover up nasty potholes so make sure you stay away from them where possible.