Monday, 20 February 2012

How do you motivate yourself to cycle?

Motivation: sometimes we have too much at the wrong time and sometimes we struggle to find it when we need it most.

I must say that the weather this weekend brought a massive boost to my motivation towards cycling and I took the time to get out the old mountain bike, wash her down and list her on eBay ready to make room for a brand new hardtail. Not sure what I'm after yet but with a budget of around £800 I'm hoping to get something half decent, possibly a Specialized or a Trek.  (any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!).

I'd also love to hear any comments or tips on how you motivate yourself to get out on your bike! Please leave a comment below and then hopefully people will be able to reference this post when they are low in positive thought.

I've found the following help:
  • Watching Youtube videos
  • Washing and servicing the bike
  • Reading Cycling blogs/forums

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